Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where has all the sod gone?; also known as Game 2 of the Phillies vs. the Nationals...

[Madson and Chooch.]
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Thanks to the awesomeness of technology I was able to watch the second game in the Phils/Nationals series this AM, and I still felt like a little kid on Hanukkah morning. And then I realized Hamels was pitching, and I became a little less excited and a little more apprehensive. Yes, I know he was our ace in '08. Yes, I know he and Lidge are the reason we won the World Series in that same year and yes, I do appreciate that. I wanna like the guy, I really do. But yah know what? I just don't like the guy. After getting the spotlight in '08 he got a little too big for his britches. He whines, he runs his mouth, he impregnates his wife so that she's due during the postseason, he spends time doing commericals for Era caps, Comcast and Espn when maybe he could be working on his mental fortitude (link here to one of his terribly awkward commericals), and he gives up on his team (as was evidenced late in the season last year), and there's just not room for that in Philly. I've heard he's worked hard in the offseason to squash these faults of his, and I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait and see. It's gonna take a lot to change my opinion of the guy though. He is literally the only guy on the team whom I wouldn't be proud to wear his name on the back of my Phillies t-shirt. As for last night's game, I remain on the fence. He got rattled a bit after the homerun and walked 4, but he did get a double offensively (I'm trying to find good in him, I really am...). I was however really impressed by the amount of Phillies Phaithful in the Nationals Stadium (they seemed like the only people in the park!), and for the efforts of Durbin and Madson who both rose to the occasion to bring home the save for the win. Howard's second homer in as many games wasn't too shabby either. Maybe tonight he can go 3 for 3...
[Phillies Sod.]
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Oh, and I'm also disappointed by the lack of announcements for Phillies sod sales - did they sell out already?!

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