Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back from Italy.

We got back home to France last night after 10 glorious days in Italy, and we were lucky to do so before the snow started as I think Doc had more than his fill of driving in the snow this past weekend. It's been coming down since the wee hours of the morning in Thoiry, and I'm very happy to be watching it from indoors while I catch up on life, rather than from the passenger seat of our car. We've gotten about 4 or 5 inches so far, (based on my highly scientific method of eye-balling what has fallen on the terrace table), and I hope it keeps going. We always seem to miss the big snow storms in our region and I've got my fingers crossed that we can try out our sweet snow shoes this weekend...

I plan on spending the day going through the pictures from our trip and updating the blog, so keep an eye on this page for Italia pictures! I'm also hoping to catch up on responding to comments, (sorry for the silence), as our internet was shotty at best while away!

Happy snow day people of France!

A la prochaine friends...

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  1. It's snowing buckets down here! We went sledding! And I have the crazy huge bruise on my arse to prove it!