Monday, December 17, 2012

Food shopping.

When I was in California, we were about a one mile walk from the Ralph's and Trader Joe's, and in the beginning people used to be surprised that my roommate and I would walk there, and not take the shuttle.
Well, this week I did my first Migros run by myself in quite sometime, and I now remember what it's like to walk 4 miles down and back up a mountain with as much food as my little arms and Philly tote bag can carry.
What I had forgotten was that no matter what, the magic number for me, when it comes to the amount I *should* carry back, comes out to about 20 euro...
...really doesn't matter too much what the 20 euro is, but it always seems that 20 euro averages out to being a comfortable amount of items for me to haul home.
This trip, I brought home 29 euro worth of goods, plus two dinner plates, and I realized that it was going to be an uncomfortable 2 mile walk home once I started walking away from the cashier.
But, I did it, got everything back in once piece, without my trusty Philly tote bag breaking...
And, once I got about halfway home, it started snowing like crazy.
It always surprises me how the slight change in elevation from the Val Thoiry to Thoiry can be the difference of rain or snow.
So, needless to say, catching snowflakes on my tongue did cheer me up a bit.
Oh, and in other news, the town's officially put the phallic santas back up on the light posts...
...which means it is really starting to feel a lot like Christmas in Thoiry.
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Snowy weather you have got there. You wouldn't have seen any of that pretty white stuff in LA although not too far away up in Big Bear they have lots of it. Have fun!