Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowshoeing adventure.

After a successful first tartiflette of the season (more on that later), we woke up Samedi matin to find a glorious sight:
Not only had the snow continued all night, but we had accumulated over 30 cm!
(That's over a foot for all my fellow 'Mericans out there.)
So we grabbed our snowshoes, packed some snacks and some tea, and headed up to the cow pasture behind our house and the trails that head up to Tiocan.
The snow was really deep in the cow pasture because there aren't many trees to trap the snow... some points I sunk to just about my hip!
Once we got close to the trail, the snow was a little more packed, so it was time to bust out some yoga postures, because that's just what we Bikram yogis do...
We then got on the trail, which led to more sinking-to-my-hips-in-the-snow moments as we were the first ones through that trail for the day...
...we made it up to the road that leads to Tiocan, and were surprised to see people skiing down the road, as the plows hadn't come through yet...
Oh, and then there was also this guy riding his bike down the same road...
And after about 30 minutes of walking along the road, we made it to Tiocan.
Where it was completely windy and freezing.
We didn't stay long, in fact just long enough to inhale a container of rice each and lose the feeling in our fingers.
So we began our descent, and in good timing too because we made it back to Hauts de Thoiry just as it was getting dark.
We finished the night with some fondue (because clearly having had tartiflette the night before did not quell our cheese lust) to congratulate ourselves for our effort, and fell asleep on the couch with glasses of wine in hand...
...because isn't that the way a day of snowshoeing should end?
I should think so.
Hope you all had a wonderful wintery week end in your part of the world!
A la prochaine friends...


  1. The countryside looks beautiful with all of that fluffy snow. It looks cold but you guys look nice and warm in your snow outfits. I can guarantee we won't have any snow here in Northern California. Have a good week.

  2. And here I was all excited about our 3cm :)

  3. This is pretty much how I thought every winter was going to be living here, being that were in the Alps and all. Had to wait three years but finally got our dreamboat snowstorm. :)