Friday, December 7, 2012

Get YO LardON!

It's finally here, one of the best days of the year!
It's our first tartiflette night of the season!
I'm so happy I can't even stand it.
Cheese, lardon, onions, apremont, potatoes...
...and friends!
It's going to be awesome.
Especially with the Snowapocalypse going on outside our window.
A few friends I believe may actually be snowshoeing their way to our house, which makes me so happy and giggly.
I wish we could have invited all of our friends, including some of our new ones from sushi the other night, over to enjoy the cheesy-potato-ey-lardon-y goodness, but alas the table only extends so far...especially with the Chrismukkah tree up.
With any luck, schedules will align, along with the stars, and we'll get to enjoy a tartiflette diner with all of our friends in the area at some point this year...
Looks like snowshoeing will be on for Saturday as well, along with possibly a trip into Geneva for the annual l'escalade parade tomorrow evening. Busy busy week end ahead!
How about you? How are you bringing in the cheese season this week end?
A la prochaine friends...
Oh, and PS - in case you're looking to bring in the cheese season with a tartiflette diner of your own, here's our recipe! Bon ap!

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