Thursday, December 27, 2012


{All alone at Reagan Airport in DC...}
Happy Christmas everyone! It's been a busy holiday vacation for us, as Doc and I have spent time in, though not always together, North Jersey, Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Omaha...along with some unexpected time spent in the DC/Alexandria, VA area.
Can you believe our holiday travel plans found a fork being stuck in their gears? Impossible right? ;)
Yes, it had indeed been too long since we had dealt with involuntary changes to our travel plans, so honestly, we really were due.
{Airport breakfast}
Fear not, because US Airways found a way to balance out the system for the year (I hope), by overbooking our flight from DC to Omaha, and bumping Doc off the flight....
{Hampton Inn Dinner}
...which was awesome because, well, I had a first class seat...
Le sigh.
Long story short, instead of making it to Omaha the day before Christmas Eve, we found ourselves eating Cup O' Noodle at the not so nearby Hampton Inn in Alexandria, and being rebooked for a flight on Christmas Eve afternoon...
...thanks US Airways.
We did it make it though, which is probably more than some other passengers can say for their flights, and had a great Christmas despite it all.
How was Christmas in your neck of the woods? Anyone else have to be involuntarily flexible?
Hope everyone made it to their destinations and back home, with some killer presents from Santa/your specific holiday present giving entity in tow!
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Sorry to hear you had to endure some holiday travel snafus. Unfortunately, travel snafus are routine in the US due to reduction in airline capacity holidays or not. I deal with either delayed or a cancelled flights almost without fail on a weekly basis. I hope you had a fabulous holiday. We sure did.