Thursday, June 20, 2013

23 weeks.

Merdes gettin' real now folks.
I only have one more week to hang out in the second trimester, which I really don't see as very fair considering that pregnancy has only become tolerable within the last 4 1/2 weeks for little ole me.
And as if my body knew that inherently, today some of the aches and pains that I've heard about have begun - discomfort in the belly, discomfort in the lower back...up to this point my symptoms have been very much in the nausea/fatigue/I feel like I'm going to faint category. I'm sure Homekid is just making a little more room for themselves, as he/she won't be the size of a bunch of asparagus for very long, but I was really hoping for another few weeks of feeling, well, good.
We're also starting to get a generic list down on paper of the things we need to buy for the littlest expat's arrival, which somehow is both calming my nerves and stressing me out. How on earth are we going to have all that we need in just over 3 months?! We're trying to be as minimal as we can be, and yet I'm still a bit stressed.
So on that note, anybody have any good suggestions for newborn strollers? We already know the jogging stroller we want, but as far as a good stroller for the first few months is concerned we're open to any and all suggestions!
A la prochaine friends...

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