Friday, June 7, 2013

Little changes.

Holy merde it's been awhile since I've written!
The last few months have brought us some lows and losses, but also a lot of good and great things.
So as always, let's focus on the great, shall we?
I'm ridiculously exhausted right now, and I can't really think of any better/clever way to say this other than...
...we're having a baby!
It's true, it's true
(So now you get the exhausted part. And maybe can even infer the unmentioned unmotivated part.)
I'm 21 weeks along and the little, who we've been affectionately referring to as Homekid, is due in mid-October.
And we couldn't be more excited!
Also adding to our excitement? We're waiting to find out whether it is a boy or a girl, which means I spend my days going back and forth trying to guess based on female intuition, old wives tales, voodoo (kidding), etc.
And not knowing means I can also pick up a few girly things here and there, ya know, just in case.
Now that I'm feeling better (the first eighteen and a half weeks were just awful), there will not only be more blogging, but also more adventures and misadventures...
...starting this weekend in Toulon, France!
I'll fill you all in on our holiday once we get back!
A la prochaine friends!
P.S. I missed you all!


  1. Congratulations on this great news!

  2. Thanks Michel! We're so excited! (And from the amount of kicking this kid has been doing I'll take that as them being excited too...)

  3. 1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're making a little homekid :)
    2. You went to Toulon and didn't let me know?! Shame on you!! xo

  4. Thanks Sara Louise! I was wondering if I should write you to tell you we were gonna be in your neck of the woods, but I didn't know how close you were to there...and we were only there for 2 days. (I know all bad excuses.) We loved it so we'll be back, and we'll be sure to let you know!