Wednesday, June 19, 2013


It's that time of year again friends, that time where as an American living abroad you start daydreaming about simple pleasures such as ice cubes and air conditioners...
...because as anyone who has spent time abroad in the summer can tell you, Europeans hate ice cubes. I mean, they must, or they'd exist in everyday life, rather than just in my dreams. You will be hard pressed to find them while  here, or you will pay 5 times the price to purchase an ice tray at the grocery store.
At which point you will then have to fit it in your teeny tiny itty bitty freezer.
But I digress.
What this time of year also means for me is making a daily batch of sun tea and/or cucumber-herb-infused water to enjoy the following day.
(No ice cubes remember? No immediate cooling off effect in cette maison.) 
So here we learn patience.
And to use really fancy French loose teas to make the wait all the more worthwhile.
Bonjour Jasmin Mandarin iced tea from Mariage Frères , you were well worth the wait.
Hope everybody is staying cool as a cucumber out there, especially my fellow preggers!
A la prochaine friends...


  1. On our most recent sejour in Provence, we were served ice with l'eau plat more often it seemed than during our previous visits. The majority of our freezer in Provence is filled with ice trays. But that's OK because we don't have to use it for frozen vegetables or things like that.

  2. Yeahhh if we're lucky we'll be able to fit 4 ice cube trays in our freezer...and that's if Migros will keep them stocked long enough for us to pick up 2 more. I think when we have people over they're more impressed that we ven have 2 ice cube trays than by any of the food or wine!