Thursday, June 27, 2013

A man and his breakfast.

My husband has a love affair with breakfast. C'est vrai.  
So much so that whenever we spend a considerable amount of time back in the United States and people ask what we miss about France, Doc, without hesitation says "my breakfast."
No offense to all of the bagels, frittatas and hash browns of our favorite brunch and breakfast establishments from coast to coast, but the man only has eyes for his french breakfast.
This passion for his french breakfast has confused family and friends alike, that is, until they've tried it. Two shots of espresso in a coffee cup, fromage blanc mixed with a muesli of almonds, dried blueberries, dried groseille, and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, and french bread with the best salt butter around. Throw in his web comics and you've got a very happy physicist au matin.
This just means that by the time we move back to the United States, whenever that may be, we need to have figured out how to make our own yogurt, fromage blanc, and salt butter, because that pasteurized stuff just ain't gonna cut it.
How about you? Do you only have eyes for one breakfast?
A la prochaine friends...


  1. I'm the opposite of Doc, I love my American breakfast and I miss it so much I could cry... from NY Diner breakfast to Texas breakfast tacos, I love it all! Now my husband on the other hand loves fromage blanc. I think it's yucky.

  2. I like fromage blanc, but I need to layer on the honey and fresh fruit to enjoy it...otherwise it just tastes like eating straight sour cream to me!