Friday, June 21, 2013

Turf war.

My body has become a turf war, and I'm most definitely losing. I woke up this morning for the first time realizing this, and not feeling the best. It seems like my tummy has grown overnight (yet again), and that Homekid is reorganizing my organs in an attempt to redecorate their pad. Can't blame him/her, after almost 6 months in the same place I'm sure I'd want to redecorate too.
{Jura Mountains}
{Wild Poppies}
I didn't have plans of getting out of my pajamas today, but damn this gorgeous weather we're having. Some awesome thunderstorms yesterday have brought the temps down to a non-miserable level, and I couldn't spend another day inside. So out for a 2.5 mile walk I went...
...I'm not sure if the walk helped or not, I'm beyond exhausted. But it was good to get out and stretch my legs a bit. And it's always fun seeing how the landscape around us changes day to day, kind of like my belly.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to get this weekend started and have Doc all to myself. We've got some nursery planning to do and I'm pretty psyched about it.
A la prochaine friends...

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