Monday, June 24, 2013

Things making me happy right now: 23 weeks.

Slow drip coffee. Thank yous and mercis galore to my doctor for giving the go ahead to have one cup of coffee a day. Needless to say I've found the biggest mug possible and drink it over a period of about an hour.
Non-maternity clothes that still fit. I've been patting myself on the back for the last two weeks for the smart purchases that Past Honey has made. Thank you Lululemon, American Apparel, Puella, Onzie, Petit Bateau and a host of blousy silk shirts from Cynthia Rowley, Rory Beca and SYLK. You make a girl still feel normal and stylish, despite an ever expanding baby bump. I'll never complain about any of your high prices ever again. Fingers crossed that as I enter my 6th month of pregnancy on Thursday that you all still fit. (Please please please!!!)
Les soldes. Hell ouai, it's on it's way. Can't wait to dig in and pick up some affordable/adorable clothes for Homekid, and maybe a little something for mama while we're at it.
A husband who listens to my crazy ideas and helps me follow through with them. I'm really good at coming up with plans and projects, and sometimes not the best at following through with them in a timely fashion. Doc on the other hand is Dr. Efficiency. He painted the dresser for the nursery this weekend, and as soon as we can decide on new drawer pulls I'll show youse that before and after.
Fig trees. They just make me happy. And several of ours are getting figs, despite the cold weather we've been having.
Fig tree pen pals. This is pretty much exactly as it sounds, except that the pen pal is not an actual tree, but my mom. Today I received a healthy little stack of pictures (taken from a disposable camera, bless her little heart) of my fig trees and the rest of The Beach Orchard back in Southern New Jersey. I can't wait to continue to receive my little monthly updates via the snail mail!
{You know some weather is rolling in when the Salève completely disappears!}
On that cold note, thank you for the cooler mountain weather France. The lightning and thunderstorms at the end of last week were awesome, and helped bring the temps down. I've got enough discomforts to deal with right now, and it's nice to wake up not covered in sweat.
Being serenaded to sleep at night by cowbells. There really is nothing like it.
Books in English.
Wild poppies. They're blooming everywhere right now in our little village and I just love them to pieces.
{I think he's holding the crib right there?}
Nursery planning. It's safe to say that both Doc and I are in total nesting mode, albeit in our own little ways. I've been making etsy shopping lists and planning the room out in my mind, while my physicist husband went ahead and measured out the dimensions of the room, and then proceeded to make to-scale paper cut outs of the furniture we already have or have picked out. To be honest I'd have been surprised had he not done that.
Things that I'm not loving right now:
It's officially difficult to put socks on. And shoes.
I miss unpasteurized yogurt.
And unpasteurized cheese.
And unpasteurized salt butter.
And dried meats.
And I'd kill for a nice glass of dry red wine.
Or a Jura white.
And maybe two cups of coffee.
I also miss running.
And my bike.
And hiking. Damn I miss that mountain behind us.
I could also deal with not being completely exhausted all the time.
And the back spasms.
Le sigh.
A la prochaine friends...

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