Saturday, October 26, 2013

Family Boulangerie Walk.

If you remember from way back when I was pregnant (ehem, less than 3 weeks ago that is), I loved to go on boulangerie walks with Doc...
...because what better motivation to get a pregnant woman to walk a little over two miles than to promise her buttery, sweet, nutella filled boulangerie treats?
Well today, we went on our first boulangerie walk with little Miss Oswin Jade.
We said hello to the neighbors...
...looked at the pretty leaves...
...and waved at the cows grazing on the Jura.
Ok, I did all that.
Oswin, the little bugger, slept the whole time.
Not even the smell of fresh baguettes and croissants would rouse her from her little cocoon of comfy-ness.
But that's ok, I know it's gotta be hard work being a baby.
And even harder work being a papa who takes the night shift so that mama can sleep. He really is a keeper.
How's the weekend shaping up in your neck of the woods? It's sunny and 73 degrees F today, so I'm hoping to get out for another walk to pick up some fresh cut flowers for little Miss Oswin's room...
...because all little girls should have fresh cut flowers in their room, don't you think?
(And I think that their mamas should as well. Hashtag that one "we deserve it." )
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. MISS OSWIN!!!!
    what a cool kid she is going to be. like oh, i was born in france :)

    i am the worst blogger friend for falling off the radar for her first few weeks of LIFE! and your life is looking pretty good right about now. sending you a big philly hug across the pond