Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Philly Baby: Swag Wish List

One of the things I've liked most about being pregnant has been shopping for baby things - specifically clothes and accessories. To those of you that follow me on pinterest you know that my "Homekid" board is ridiculously full of pictures of adorable clothes, and I love reading blogs where mamas find a happy medium of styling their little ones fashionably, while still letting them be little. Friends have often scoffed at the things I've bought for Homekid, saying "they're only going to grow out of it in a week...." or "they're just going to get spit-up all over it..." but to them I stick my tongue out and make a raspberry noise. Yes, I realize that our kid is gonna grow faster than a weed. Yes, I realize they will get bodily fluids all over everything we buy them. But ya know what? That's what washing machines (and grey dye) are for. I'd much rather, in my exhausted new mama state, get to look forward to dressing Homekid in uber cute clothes every morning, then be depressed by dressing him/her in something I wouldn't wear myself (because let's be serious, I'd totally rock some footie pyjamas in my size). I think that how you dress your children, at least up until the age when they begin to have an opinion on it, is an extension and reflection of your sense of style, and something that we as new mamas and papas should get to have a little fun with.
That being said, I've also been reading a lot of articles and blog posts out in the blogosphere about what happens to one's identity when they become an expat. After almost 4 years of living abroad, I can attest to the fact that you do change, greatly. This is a topic best left for another post, but what I will say is that you learn quickly that you will never truly become a part of that new culture, but the longer you remain, the more traits and characteristics you begin to adopt. In the same vein the opposite occurs for some of the traits and characteristics that you took with you from your homeland. I will never, ever, truly become French, but I'll always have some things about me that are French. I'll also never quite be the same Philadelphian I was back in 2010 when we hopped on a plane to move abroad, but certain Philadelphian-traits will never, ever leave me. I hope that these traits can be passed onto Homekid, in some way, shape, or form. (Sidenote: I can't wait for our child to start saying "wood-er," much to Doc's chagrin. The passing on of that trait will definitely happen.) 
So how does this relate to expat baby style? It means you naturally become a hybrid. You really begin to notice the things you don't want to lose, and hold on to them dearly. I'm also very picky about baby clothes, and I've been searching for a way to showcase the French influence that living where we live will have on Homekid (and has had on us), while at the same time keeping in mind his/her mama's Philly roots. Most recently I've been on the hunt for baby swag that reminds me of home, and have been pleasantly surprised by my finds. So, without further ado, an expat's Philly Baby Swag Wish list!
To wear:
...because every Philly baby needs a pair of Chucks...
The perfect city-kid hoodie: Infant Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie, via American Apparel
Two awesome things in one: Star Wars AT-ST Walker takes on Philly, via Etsy shop TypsyGypsyTees
We take our food seriously in Philly - pretzels, cheesesteaks, water ice, hoagies, donuts, can't go wrong.
To accessorize:
Not only is Philly becoming renowned for it's coffee scene, but our donuts aren't too shabby either. These adorable little hipster turbans make me miss the fancies and hot donuts at Federal Donuts.
Coffee and Donut Turban Set, via Etsy shop Giddy Up and Grow
(These are currently sold out, but word on the interwebs is that they are being restocked, so keep an eye out for them in the Giddy Up and Grow Etsy shop!)
I grew up in red suspenders. There was no doubt we were purchasing these...
I love that this scarf doubles as a cool bib...
I can't get enough of sweet little turbans. In case you were wondering, this little shop also has some super cute leggings for the babes.
Another example that bibs don't have to be boring. And it's reversible - double the fun and cuteness!
Triangle Bicycle Reversible Bandana Scarf (which can also be made as a bib, convo shop owner for details), via Etsy shop ChickenandCharlie
I haven't bought this yet, as I promised Doc I'd wait until we find out if we're having a girl or boy, but the wait is kind of killing me. A glittery gold pretzel hair clip?! How perfect for a little Philly girl...
To snuggle and play with:
Get'em 'grammin early with this little wooden toy.
Natural Pennsylvania State Teething Toy, via Etsy shop littlesaplingtoys  Oh, and this Etsy shop not only makes cool teethers and wooden toys, but they also plant a tree through Trees for the Future for every item purchased from their shop. How awesome is that?!
Pretzel with Mustard to snuggle with, via Etsy shop SteffBomb
Despite being a big city, Philly is known for its gardens, co-ops and farmer's markets. These washcloth veggies would make for fun at bath time.
To read:
To decorate the nursery:
Show your baby's city pride with this great pennant from Eastern Standard Co. What is cool about this company? They also make pennant's for specific Philly neighborhoods, and choose their new pennant subject's based on customer voting. I've been voting as much as possible for Wash West, but not sure that'll happen.
Show your love for Benjamin Franklin by hanging this print of him rockin' out, boom box style, via Etsy shop embiscuitpics
Being the vintage map nerd that I am, I'd hope Homekid wouldn't mind having this little gem hanging up over the changing table. Philadelphia Map 1802 (digital reproduction), via Etsy shop alternatehistories
Or hang up this color print of the prettiest skyline ever. Philly Skyline Art Print, via Etsy shop artPause
...because I do. Right now. And I think that anyone who comes into the nursery should know that.
A la prochaine friends...

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I just really dig all of these finds. All pictures of products are from their shop websites. 


  1. I agree... with everything but the Chucks. Doesn't matter the size, they don't fit, it's impossible to get them on without unlacing the whole thing, and the baby ends up going barefoot. But if you like the look ;)

    1. I like a good challenge. :) And if this kid is anything like I was, according to my mother, they'll compromise footwear battles by agreeing to wear one sock. We'll see!