Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oswin's First French Festival.

One's first French festival is always something to remember...unfortunately, (or maybe for us, fortunately), homegirl slept through the entire thing. Including the oompa band. The very loud and boisterous oompa band. As well as the techno music that followed. She is her father's daughter, that's for sure.
Luckily for Oswin, she'll be able to relive this event at a later date because Mama took pictures, as she is wont to do.
We hadn't planned for her first festival date to be on Saturday, as our big plans for the day involved testing the waters of her temperament for a coffee date with friends in nearby Sergy.
After coffee however, our friends informed us that there was a festival going on in town, a pumpkin (!!!) and apple (!!!) festival to be exact, and would we be up for a bit of it?
Oui, oui and hell oui.
We weren't prepared for how loud the band was going to be, but figured we needed to test Oswin's sleep tolerance at some point, right? This seemed like as good a time as any.
We didn't hang around long, but long enough for mama to have her first drink in a very long time, and to celebrate Oswin's arrival with good friends. We also brought home some homemade apple juice, took in some good ole' oompa music, and learned that our daughter (it's still weird to say that) can sleep through most anything, including a tuba. At just twelve days old she was a total rock star for the entire outing.
After a great few hours out with baby, we then decided to press our luck a little more by taking a family walk, as it was sunny and 70 degrees out. I've been feeling a little cooped up this week, and it felt unbelievably good to get out on my old walk and stretch my legs, but holy hell was I tired afterwards. The mind is willing but the body is still weak from the events of the last two weeks. Here's hoping that I can figure out how to use our baby sling today and can get out for a few more walks in this coming week.
How has your weekend been? Any tubas or pumpkins in your forecast?
A la prochaine friends...

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