Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two weeks with Ms. Oswin Jade.

{Leggings: Candy Kirby Designs; Onesie: Bobo Choses (old)}
Yesterday little Oswin Jade turned 2 weeks old. {Insert sappy cliché here about how fast the time has gone by over the last two weeks, etc etc...} It's amazing to see the changes in her over that time though, from the little snippets of her personality that we're starting to see come through (this girl is all me), to her ability to sleep through any noise, such as the oompa band from this past weekend, (a trait she gets from her papa).
Those long toes and fingers? All papa right there. Hopefully she won't end with size 15 feet like him though...
Over the last few days we've noticed that she's more alert and observesant of what's going on around her. I don't know how much she's taking things in yet, but she definitely becomes transfixed on different objects. When she's awake she's constantly looking around and turning her head to view different things.
She's also started sucking her thumb over the last day or so...
...has started smiling more...
...and has fallen in love with her sleep sack and pacifier. (And so have mama and papa for that matter.) I think we're starting to get a decent schedule down with her when it comes to sleeping and eating, though that doesn't make it any less exhausting. Doc and I are a good team though, and we each know when the other needs a break, which is so important right now. It's easy to go a little batty with a crying newborn, but when you have someone to laugh about the laser poop incidents with, it makes it all worthwhile.
And the snuggles from little Ms. Blue Eyes aren't too shabby either...
A la prochaine friends...


  1. Hi Honey - I came across your blog via pinterest (searching for real mamas in hatch collection clothes lol) and absolutely love reading about your adventures in swizerfrance. Just wanted to say congrats on little Oswin (i'm due in dec with a girl - in nyc) and i'm now a follower!

    1. Thanks Eunice and welcome! And congrats on your upcoming arrival! Will this be your first child?