Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little people clothes.

I can't get enough of little people clothes right now.
I mean, they're just so little.
And adorable.
And make my little girl look like an old man with his pants pulled all the way up.
It rained chats et chiens all day yesterday, so I essentially spent the day obsessing over potential Chrismukkah presents for little Ms. Oswin Jade, with my focus primarily being on leggings from different etsy shops, jeans in various colors from Petit Bateau, and hair accessories/headbands. That is, until she became little Ms. Inconsolable. Yesterday was the first day in awhile that she's been SO fussy, (awhile being not that long, since she's only been around for a little over 2 weeks), and by the time Doc got home from work I was in need of reinforcements. BIG TIME.
Thank goodness Doc can read me like a book, because his reinforcements came in the form of a Nutella filled beignet from my favorite boulangerie and some yoga time for mama (because obviously the two go together so well), and papa-daughter time for him and Oswin. We've always been a good team, Doc and I, but I feel as if we've leveled up in the last two weeks. I feel that tag team wrestling can't be too far off in our future. I mean, if you can wrestle a newborn into a nap whilst in the middle of a 4 hour crying fit, you can pretty much take down a grown man who fake body slams you, right?
And with that I think it's just become blatantly obvious that this mama needs a little sleep. Or maybe some wine. Probably both. Yes, definitely both.  
A la prochaine friends...

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