Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone! What are you up to today? I plan on spending the day baking, working on a little French Rosetta Stone, and hopefully finishing up a re-read of one of my favorite books, Tom Robbin's "Jitterbug Perfume." The sun is apparently going on vacay for the next two weeks, and it seems it's gotten rain to cover the majority of its shifts (though I never really believe any of our weather reports), so I wanted to take a minute to share some pictures of our super beautiful and sunny last few days. I'll be daydreaming about it while giving Rosetta Stone a merde-fit over my pronunciations of "quatre" and "sandwich."

[I like shiny pants.]

A la prochain friends...


  1. Whoah! You look incredibly French between the baguettes, those boots, and most of all, the wicker grocery cart! Wicker? Roughly 2098393 times classier than the canvas one I got from Carrefour. I have so far to go. Le sigh. But I like the pictures and this blog, both.

  2. Cows and chickens and shiny pants... oh my! :-)