Saturday, February 19, 2011

A walk across the border...

Yesterday, I took advantage of the sunshine (see, told you I don't trust the weather reports) and went on a walk to Switzerland. I had been told by friends how pretty the little towns just across the border were, and I can't believe I've waited all this time to actually see it for myself.

[My 'hood.]

It was really cool to look at Thoiry, Fenieres and St. Jean de Gonville from afar, as well as to spend the afternoon walking through the vineyards...

I love how on the various hiking routes here there are often signs letting you know about how long it should take you to walk to surrounding towns.

[Malval, Suisse]

[Left foot in France, right foot in Switzerland.]

And on the whole walk, I saw nothing but blue skies...

...some sheep...

...and vineyards.

Not a bad way to start off the weekend.

A la prochain friends...


  1. The countryside and weather looks very beautiful! Very cool to be able to stand one foot in Switzerland and one foot in France. I don't suppose you had to pass any passport control out there in the country.

  2. I did actually have my passport on me bc you never know when douane will be there. I've been checked about 2 times since we moved here last February, but it was always on buses. You never know, so I typically carry it when crossing over...When I go to CERN there are always douane out, but I've never been checked (though I know people who were turned away from the border/going to work bc they forgot their pass that day)...

  3. definitely not a bad way to start off the weekend :) the countryside looks stunning.