Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Straight up BUSTED.

The mail Gods have not been with us this week. Yesterday we got slapped with a 99,95€ (about equal to $138!) tax on a jacket I bought, making the tax almost half the cost of the coat. Today, this:

We ordered a case of an assortment of beers from a distributor in Belgium after our beer-filled tripped to Brussels a few weeks back, and it finally came today. And when Madame la poste took it out of the truck and was walking it over to me, a bottle of beautiful, delicious Delirium Tremens fell out the bottom of the beat-up box and shattered into a million pieces. I shed a single, silent tear.

The driveway however, smells lovely.

Here's hoping that when we go to la poste in the morning the rest of the beers and glassware don't look as man-handled as the box itself did.

Two lessons learned:
1. Never have anything shipped to France from the US unless it is sharpied, glittered and painted with the words "GIFT."
2. Pad driveway.

A la prochain friends...


  1. What a shame to lose that bottle! I hope the rest made it ok. I never ship either way; I check it with me on the plane and so far we have had good luck except for a case (6 bottles) of wine (Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas) that I boxed up and checked with Lufthansa. It has never shown up; I hope someone enjoyed these fabulous bottles.

  2. CdP?! Now THAT is horrible. You should have gotten a free flight out of that! When you check them do you check them in your actual luggage or in a box? We've been discussing this lately because we need to find a better method when traveling transatlantically to transport a few bottles here and there...

  3. Yep[, uh huh, I feel you. La Poste is my nemesis. Besides breaking stuff that have a special talent for losing stuff as well. Their uppance will come!

  4. My mom shipped a Christmas package to Estonia on December 7th... It wasn't available for my cousin to pick up until January 21st because customs held it because it was over a certain weight limit... Then they "sent" a notice to her that they had questions about the customs forms submitted - but she NEVER got the form. It would have never made it to her had she not started hounding them. She was busy so she didn't pick it up until this past Monday, when she also forwarded me my portion of the package... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that La Poste doesn't screw things up! I'm already having Christmas in February - I hope it's not after Valentine's Day! Lessons learned: either lie about what you're sending or don't send anything at all!