Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love la France.

So I know that I'm a self-proclaimed fall/winter type of chick, but weather like we've been having over the past two weeks, and especially the 60 degree weather of this past weekend, brings out the "Love la France" in me.

[Oh look, there it is!]

Sunday, as I mentioned, it was 60 degrees F, and we started the day out with a nice run up to Feigères, followed by a 2 mile hike while up there on a trail, and then ending with a run back to Thoiry. I think I could have stayed up on the mountain all day, except we had our Sunday market to attend, and we of course couldn't miss that. I was very proud of myself that at the legume stand I only spoke in french, though, not very pretty sounding french, but some anglo-version-of-french nonetheless...

Rolled up sleeves, newly popping up bulbs and light springtime coats were the order of the day, as we walked to some friends' house for a post-market-Sunday-brunch on the other side of town.

Even Mont Blanc came out to say hello.

Hope you're having amazing weather in your part of the world.

A la prochain friends...

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