Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Je ne suis pas une touriste, je suis une blogger..."

As I mentioned in my last post, Saturday was our official one year France-a-versary. And what better way to celebrate then by going to the St. Genis salon des vins!

[At the ready...]

The Thoiry Salon back in September was on a much bigger scale tha this one, however the one flaw that it had was a lack of food. When you belly up to that little bar for each vendor, you better be ready to take down 2-6 possible different wines, and some form of sustenance is necessary to keep a clear head and even-keeled tummy.

That being said, how cool is this little contraption?! Not only did we get a nifty little wine glass with the degustation kit (all for the low low price of 2€), but it came with a plate, a cute napkin, and a little thing so you don't lose your glass/have a hand free to write them a check for a case of wine...The plate came in handy as there were several Bio vendors selling everything from crepes, bread and baked goodies to saucisson and cheese. Heaven in a salle de fete...

We picked up a kilo of oysters (huitres) from the South of France while we were there...

...and even got a free sampling.

Dan knows he is a merely a decoy to capture the fabulous essence of this scotch-peddlin-frenchman's hot pink shirt...

We ended the night by purchasing 10 bottles of wine, a kilo of huitres, two saucissons, and some coconut goodies for the following morning.

Dan even found a way to survive my massive amount of picture taking. (I can't help it, I'm a very visually oriented person...) I think that what made it easier for him to handle was that every time I reached for my camera I quickly said, "Je ne suis pas une touriste, je suis une blogger..." Maybe next time I'll make a Press pass, but instead of "press" it'll just say "blogger."

A la prochain friends...


  1. That is a cool thing. a glass attached to a plate i love it!!

    Happy France-a-versary !!

  2. I'll take one of those 'blogger passes' and ten bottles of wine too please

  3. Syreeta - It comes in handy when you have a habit of forgetting your wine glass at every stand like I do!

    SL - The sun isn't forecasted to come out for about another 2 weeks here, so I just may get around to making them...