Monday, February 6, 2012

Frigid digits.

I'm a little embarrassed to say that Sunday was our first time at the Thoiry Sunday market in months. We've been traveling so much since September that every chance we seem to get to just be at home on a weekend we've leapt at the opportunity.

But not this dimanche. At a whopping -11c we bundled up in multiple layers (four layers for me...I felt a bit like the younger brother on a Christmas Story)...

...and hit the rue. It was a small market this week as I think a lot of the vendors are on holiday, or maybe were just deterred by the cold...

It was really nice to catch up with our favorite vendors, as I know both Doc and I have missed our weekly Sunday banter with them...

...and it's been too long since we've been called "les amoreuse..."

{Tulips in hiding.}

What made my day you ask? Our flower lady gave me a bouquet of tulips for 2 euro instead of 3,50 euro. (It's the little things in life...) I think she missed us. Thank you Thoiry Flower Lady!

And about this cold? It's kind of funny how the media is doing hour long specials on it, multiple days in a row. Yes, it's cold. But it's not Chicago cold, though it's gotten close a few times. It's February people, it's supposed to be cold. And it's supposed to snow.

I think my favorite headline has been been from faux news show "Le Petit Journal" that said, "Breaking News: Il neige en hiver!" (Which translates to something like, "it snows in winter!")

{Don't fret, they perked up.}

Breaking news for one and all indeed. Luckily Doc and I are big fans of the cold, so after our cold walk to and from the market we had some percolator coffee and a Sunday feast, just like the good ole' days.  

Hope you're bundled up with a warm cup of coffee in your part of the world, because that's what I'm about to do in mine!

A la prochaine friends...

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  1. The markets are fun for me in any type of weather except for the rain. The big market near us is in Vaison-la-Romaine has 400 - 500 vendors during the high season and 200+ year around. That is for except this past Tuesday when do to bitter cold, I was told there were only 3 vendors there. Hard to believe.