Friday, February 10, 2012

St. Genis Salon du Vin 2012.

Pic via here.

It's one of my favorite weekends of the year! Not only will Sunday be our two-freaking-year-France-a-versary (crazy!), but we get to celebrate it all weekend long at the annual St. Genis Salon du Vin & des Produits Bio! This salon is different from the Thoiry Salon du Vin as it is not quite as big, and this one includes organic food and products, (which after tasting 7 different years of a Gamay from one vendor is a definite plus). They also give you this sweet little plate and wine glass contraption, if you remember from last year:

{Look ma, one hand!}

Because without this, how on earth would you write your check to the wine vendor? Because did you know that the french still write checks? Like, all the time. Such as at the grocery store, with a long line of people behind them. (In fact I'm pretty sure it's only when there's a long line of people behind them.) It's ok though, because I also love pretending it's the 90s.

Here's to restocking some of our favorite Jura white wines cette weekend!

Bon weekend tout le monde!

A la prochaine friends...

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