Friday, August 23, 2013

32 Weeks and the Great Slowdown.

We've hit the 32 week mark here in SwitzerFrance! Holy vache t-minus 8 weeks and counting. Is this really happening?
Well, based on the way I've been feeling lately, I'd say yeah, it definitely is.
Last week I felt like a total rock star, probably the best I've felt all pregnancy. I walked over 22 miles in our mountainous landscape, and naively thought, "Hey, I'm sure next week I'll feel even stronger and increase that mileage by a bit..."
Yeah, no.
The reality is setting in that I'm most likely not going to be feeling better and stronger, but much more tired and consequently, weaker. I'm feeling better about it now, but it was bumming me out earlier this week.
{Nature takes back.}
I still managed to get in 8 miles of walking so far this week, but it's definitely been tough. It's hard to listen to your body sometimes when you mind says "Go GO GOOOO!" 
Here's to forcing myself to slow down, at least for the foreseeable near future.
Happy Friday everyone! Any plans for this weekend?
A la prochaine friends...

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