Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall fever.

 {Thoiry, France}
I've got it, and I've got it bad. With 70-75 degree temperatures predicted for the next 10 days, I can't help but cast aside my beloved mirabelles and reine claudes for anything and everything involving pumpkins, apples and lots of spices.
 {The Jura Mountains, Thoiry, France}
 {Vineyards and CERN}
 {St. Pierre's Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland}

{Looking out over the vineyards from CERN}
We jumped on the opportunity of cooler temps to process a ton of pumpkin and butternut squash this weekend, giving us somewhere around 7-8 cups of pumpkin puree. We then wasted no time whipping up a batch of pumpkin spice pancakes (recipe to come so keep an eye out). The mirabelles in the bowl next to me were definitely giving me the stink eye, but they'll get over it. If they want to be devoured maybe they shouldn't show up as late as they did this year.
 {Bruyere, our fall/winter window box flower of choice}
 {Old Town, Geneva, Switzerland}

{Restaurant 2, or R2 as it's commonly referred to, CERN}
I've been pining for fall for so many weeks, and now that we're in the last week of August (!!!) I can't help but succumb to the happy fuzzy feeling of what is to come. First and foremost, the salon des vins this weekend, which for me is the official signaling of the start of fall (sorry Labor Day). Not long after we can look forward to leaving our windows open without flies finding their way in from the fields below, the leaves changing, collecting walnuts from local trees, roasted chestnuts, grey skies (can't wait), sweaters and boots, apple cider, the forthcoming holidays (because really isn't the feeling of anticipation of the holidays the best part of it all?), figs off the tree in town (and hopefully on our potted fig trees), apples in season, planting our fall/winter window boxes, cool hikes, cheese season, pumpkins, football, and oh yeah, that little addition to our tiny family we're waiting on in October. Excuse me while I wax poetic, but how can I resist when we're moving from my least favorite season to my most favorite season?
 {Roasted chestnuts in Geneva, Switzerland}
Another reason I'm so excited? I feel behind, having missed all of the fall last year for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in California. Los Angeles in the fall is not for me.
 {My favorite fig picker at my favorite fig tree}
As for Homekid's impending arrival, we're starting to feel a little more prepared (famous last words?), or at least, as prepared as you can ever be for your first child. (Let's not even talk about the fact that I've never changed a diaper before...) We've pretty much gotten everything that we *think* we need, with a few more things to pick up, but ready or not this kid is gonna get here sometime (hopefully) before Halloween. I'm due October 17th, but being that I was born 3 weeks early and Doc was born late, I don't really know what to expect...take the average of the two and we should be right on time, right?

I feel like I've been pregnant for FOREVER, but yet at the same time it makes me sad to realize that this chapter is coming to an end. (Of course those latter thoughts are furthest from my mind when finding a comfortable way to sit or lie down escapes me...) Regardless, I'm excited that my favorite month of the year will be met (hopefully) at some point with a little pooping crying squishy bundle of awesome.
 {Renversé at one of our favorite little spots, Geneva}
 {Apples in Switzerland}
Today feels like a wonderful happy day with exciting things to come, which is a great change from the dog days of pregnancy that summer presented. I'm going to take this happiness and run slowly walk with it today, and probably make myself some pumpkin pancakes. Or maybe some pumpkin cupcakes. And definitely pumpkin risotto for dinner. And have no fear fellow pumpkin lovers, I'll be sharing the recipes as we jump into fall (I've already jumped), because what fun is pumpkin madness if there is no one to share it with?  
Happy Monday everyone, wherever you are in the world!
A la prochaine friends...


  1. oh i love the country side. the fields, the plants, the solemness. such a peace we all need.

  2. As someone who follows you on Pinterest, I can attest to the fact that you are definitely ready for Fall! :)

  3. @Niken: we do seem to get a quiet here, especially in the fall. I can't wait for it...and the Dracula clouds. I miss the Dracula clouds on the mountain...

    @Sara Louise: HA! Got that right! And it's only gonna get worse! :)