Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A year later: Varazze, Italy (Part 1)

After finishing up our day of hiking on Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France, we drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel into Italy. We had a long weekend planned on the Italian Riviera, and after having spent so much of the months prior training for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, I was really looking forward to it! We made it into town at about 10:00 PM after stopping off on the way for some pizza and about 5 espressos each, and were pretty tired (despite the five espressos). All of Varazze seemed to be just getting started for the night, but we went to bed so we could head out and explore early in the morning.
After some Italian pastries and cappuccinos for breakfast, we headed down to the beach and were met by a surprise: not only did you have to pay for the beach in Varazze, but it was very expensive. As in 50 euro expensive for two people for two days. And I'm pretty sure we got a discount from staying at the hotel we were staying at. However, with the most expensive beach badge we've ever paid for (I have spent half of my life in New Jersey after all) came two chaise lounges, an umbrella, a game area for kids, and a bar/restaurant.
{Umbrellas and speedos as far as the eye can see...}
After the beach we went for our first (of many) gelato of the weekend...
...followed by some aperos and snacks before heading back to the hotel.
Not a cloud in the sky or a worry in our hearts.
Check back tomorrow for the next installment of our trip a year ago to Varazze, Italy!
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Amazing pictures. I enjoyed reading your blog and is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your amazing Italy road trip.