Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Twist: Fig Tree Propagation Update Cinq

Five weeks into this experiment, and not much to report this week. Things seem to be slowing down for the cuttings, at least for now.
I don't notice any difference in the root nubs of cutting #1...
 ...and the leaves appear to be the same size as last week.
The leaves on cutting #2, both the ones near the top third of and further down the cutting, are a little bigger than in last week's update...
...and the root that had started last week has grown significantly, both in length and by growing little side roots off of the main root.
As for cutting #3, the roots keep continuing to grow, as they have each week. This coming week, after taking week 6 pictures, I will pot this guy, as I think he's slightly overdo. (Yes, I'm referring to this cutting as a "he.")
"His" leaves also look a little bigger than last week.
The roots on cutting #4 have also continued to grow, and I'm going to be potting this guy soon as well.
The leaves and side stems have also continued to grow from last week's update, making me think that the right window in our living room is the best for rooting cuttings. This is an early hypothesis, as the experiment would have to be repeated to see if the same results came about, but for now the cuttings in the right window have definitely grown the best in terms of root and leaf growth.
And last but not least, cutting #5 in a 1/2 liter Le Parfait jar in our bedroom. Nothing new to note on the root nubs progress...
...and nothing new to report on leaf growth either. I'd put the jar downstairs to see if it speeds up the root growth, but honestly I'm intrigued to see if the nubs eventually turn into actual roots, especially as we approach fall. This would help to see if it's possible to root cuttings in water in partial sunlight/less heat.   
1. I'm wondering if the lack of growth over the last week or so has anything to do with the cooler weather we've been having. It seems that the most growth was seen during our heat wave of mid-80 F - low 90 F weather. I'm curious to possibly try this experiment in cooler weather, to see how the cuttings respond in comparison.
2. This week I did notice what looked like some algae or something else green coating the bottom of one of the Le Parfait liter jars (containing cutting #1 and #2). I cleaned out the jar with soap and water (putting the two cuttings in another jar while I washed the original jar), and then put them back in the original jar. I'd suggest doing the same if you notice the water looking cloudy or some green forming on the jar. This is because with another set of cuttings (not associated with this experiment), shortly after noticing the water getting cloudy, the cuttings began to get yellow and soft at the bottom, and the root nubs that had started were gone. I think the cuttings began to rot. I cleaned the jar and recut the bottoms just above the soft and yellow part, so we'll see if that fixes the problem. Always learning by doing over here, am I right? So yeah, if something looks weird in the jar, give the jar a good wash.   
Check back here next Monday for my week 6 update!
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A la prochaine friends...

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