Friday, August 9, 2013

To fly or not to fly.

Have you ever flown trans-atlantically in your third trimester? How did it go? I'm left with a nice little opportunity to go back to the US for 2 weeks or so of sitting on the beach, playing in the garden, and shopping for Homekid, but the decision of whether to go or not has in itself become a big time stressor for me. I'd be 30+ weeks when I left, and 32+ weeks when I returned to SwitzerFrance, but my biggest stressor is that I'd be traveling solo as Doc has to work. My doctor has zero problems with the trip, and apparently you can fly a lot later into your pregnancy than I had thought possible/healthy, according to the various US airline carriers websites, but this whole traveling while pregnant thing is still a new bag to me. (Hell, this whole being pregnant thing is still a new bag to me, every minute of everyday.)
So what do you think? Any experience with this? Any tips or thoughts?
A la prochaine friends...
Update: I've decided not to fly. The temperatures have dropped a bit, and I've been able to get out and stretch my legs on our mountain, so I'm sticking around. Might as well attempt to enjoy the last that summer has to offer with some nice walks and my weight in Mirabelles, rather than putting undo stress on myself and baby. Though it is weird to think that next time I fly it'll be with a little mini-me in tow...

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