Wednesday, September 3, 2014

46 weeks: Big steps, little tooth.

Last week, little miss Oswin Jade turned 46 weeks old.

As with each passing week, she does something that amazes me. I mean just flat out amazes me. Not because I think she's the only baby who has ever done it, but because I've never seen her do it, until it happens. It never ceases to blow my mind.

During this week, in fact, it seemed that within a 10 minute period she did two things that blew my mind: the first, was that I heard a hard noise against her plastic Pooh Bear "practice" coffee mug, and realized she was indeed cutting her first tooth. The second, just a few minutes later, was her first step.

I mean seriously, how do we put children to bed at night and they wake up with a whole different skill set? Why don't I go to sleep and wake up with the ability to crochet a blanket, or speak French fluently? Tell me your ways little one.

We're really excited about all the new changes our little girl is going through right now, even if the first two days of teeth cutting involved a low grade fever, a vomit session (black bean stew EVERYWHERE), and a generally snuggly/tired/sad little girl, but once that passed she was back to her happy self...just with a mini tooth pushing it's way out.

I love watching her take steps. She's still testing the waters in terms of her balance and strength, but to see her stand, let go of my hands, and put one little adorable pudgy foot in front of the other, sometimes twice, before falling on her behind, just makes me so happy. And the look she gives me after this feat? It is somewhere along the lines of "you know, that I know, that you saw me do that." Uh-oh.

And now it's September. Thank goodness hallelujah! I've never been a summer person, (unless I'm on the beach), and now we're almost at what I consider to be the official start of fall, the Thoiry Salon des Vins (but more on that later this week). I can't wait to get her back into knit pom pom hats and take her out for some cool weather walks. And of course, her upcoming First Birthday is right around the corner...I can't believe we're going to have a toddler soon. Oh spare my mama heart!

A la prochaine friends...


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