Wednesday, September 10, 2014

47 weeks: Talkin' the talk, walkin' the walk.

Last week, Oswin reached the grand old age of 47 weeks old.

{My little teenager}

It was marked by a few milestones, including increased babbling, and taking a few steps without falling down. 

I guess walking is easier when there's a plastic teddy bear THAT YOU JUST HAVE TO SPIN ROUND AND ROUND just a few feet away.

She also can't seem to decide if the xylophone we got her in Geneva a few weeks back is for chewing or hitting. We'll keep you updated once the official verdict is in. 

And a sidenote: I can't give enough props to those of you out there who make your living photographing small children. Holy hell it is getting more and more difficult to photograph her each week, especially when I'm by myself. All she wants to do is try to dive off of the bed, or stand and fall down. I think I need to reserve her weekly pictures for when Dan is here, since he's the best baby wrangler I know. So good work out there photographers of children, you're my heroes of the day.

A la prochaine friends...


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