Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Harvest.

I love this time of year. September really is such a great month to live where we do, as there are so many festivals and celebrations. But not only that, it's time to start picking figs from one of the two community trees in our little village. 

I love that we have community fig trees. There's nothing better for me than taking Oswin out for a run in the BOB, and then walking to the trees and picking a handful of figs for not only my post run snack, but also to mix into Oswin's dinner. Picking the fruit and vegetables that you're about to prepare in your next meal direct from the source is where it's at. 

As for our garden, we're harvesting kale and rainbow chard every night, and adding them to stews, soups and smoothies. Kale is not easily found here in France, nor do the French really seem to get into it. Choux friseé non-pomme, as it's known in French, has done very well in our garden, and we're now reaping the benefits. 

We've just about finished the four-day period of introducing rainbow chard to Oswin, and kale will be next up on her menu. I love being able to make her meals with either food that we've grown ourselves, or picked from local trees. 

Now that summer has wound down, we're preparing our fall garden. So far we've planted carrot and kale seeds, with a few rows left for us to fill. We're planning on putting in parsley, cilantro and one or two more vegetables. What are you favorite fall vegetables to plant? We'd love some suggestions of how to round out our fall garden! 

A la prochaine friends...


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  1. Harvest - what fun! Eve ate Swiss chard frittata with us this week, and the diaper the next day...shocking! :)