Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Travel Tuesday: London

Something just occurred to me. As I was looking back at old pictures from the last few years of travel, I realized that I never blogged about two big trips from 2012: London and Budapest. How did that happen?!

It must have been on one of my blogging breaks, but I can't believe I never went back and wrote about either trip. What a shame. They were both awesome. 

So, in an effort to rectify that little misstep on my part, today's Travel Tuesday is brought to you by our trip to London in May of 2012. 

Our car had broken down just a week before the trip, and I remember very clearly the look I gave Dan when he told me we'd have to bike the five and half miles to CERN before hopping on the tram to the airport - with our luggage. 

Now, it was only for a few days, and we travel light, buuuuutttt....yeah. 

So we climbed on our bikes around 4:30 AM, in the pitch dark, with miner's lights on our helmets, and rode to CERN. We then hopped on the tram to the airport. It was a pain in the butt, but I was so proud of us for doing it. I felt very self-sufficient (and a little sweaty) as we waited in line for the plane.  

Once we got to London, we made our way to Hampstead where we were staying, and began a great four days in London. There was a bit of a heat wave going on, and I hadn't brought any shorts. Of course the majority of clothes I had brought with me were also black. I have to say, not my best packing. We did a lot of walking along the Thames, went to the Damien Hirst exhibit at the Tate, went to St. Paul's Cathedral, had brunch in Hampstead and went to The Heath. I finally went to Harrod's and had tea. This was also just before not only the Jubilee for the Queen, but also the summer Olympics, so London was very festive while we were there. We walked through a lot of parks, and saw Buckingham Palace as well. I climbed onto a lion at Trafalgar Square (they're bigger than I thought and it was way more difficult than I had planned on), and we ate our weight in fish and chips. A few beers, a few Pimm's, and some whoopie pies and burritos at Eat St. in King's Cross. It was a great trip.

I think it's time for another one. 

A la prochaine friends...


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