Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday night at the Salon des Vins.

Last night at the Salon des Vins, Les Duggans were all business. 

Again, like the previous night, we were only able to attend for the last hour or so, but we made quick work of our time there. We hit one stand, but it was THE stand. Our favorite. A vintner worth dropping some dough on. 

I present to you: Hubert Clavelin et Fils

The Jura wines that they sell are amazing. They are greatly influenced by the soil and what grows in it, as all wines are, but I never realized how much this influences the taste of wine until this vintner came into our lives. Jura wines are known for a walnut taste that resonates within the wine, due to the large amount of walnut trees in the region. It gives the wines such a unique taste, it's not something that can be easily missed. 

We tasted most of their wines before they closed up shop. We ended up coming home with three bottles of their 2012 Traditional blend (Chardonnay/Savagnin), three bottles of  2010 Savagnin, one bottle of the best Cremant du Jura (Blanc) that I've ever tasted (not kidding, it tasted like maple syrup to me, so it's obviously being used for brunch), and, a bottle I've been waiting to purchase for the last five Salon des Vins, a 2006 Vin Jaune (Cotes du Jura). 

Vin Jaune is a regional Jura wine that must meet very specific requirements to be called Yellow Wine. It comes from the Jura region, and again has a very strong walnut taste to it. We were both a little giddy about finally adding it to our cave.

Another motivation for stocking up at this stand? It's the one Salon des Vins that Hubert Clavelin et Fils attend all year, so it was really our only chance of getting a hold of their wine until next year. This is unlike Chateauneuf de Pape, which attends 35 Salon des Vins festivals a year. It felt good to stock up for the coming months of melted cheese and potatoes.

And so we headed home. We had one more afternoon to hit up a few stands after the Sunday Market, and we intended on making the most of it. 

A la prochaine friends...


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