Saturday, September 6, 2014

Opening night of the Thoiry Salon des Vins 2014.

We went, we drank, we purchased. It was a quick go round for our first night at this year's Salon des Vins des Thoiry, as we were operating around little miss Oswin's schedule. Our goal was to hit three stands (out of 48), and come home with just 1 or 2 bottles of wine. We ended up hitting three stands and bringing home 7 bottles of wine.

That's just kind of how Salon des Vins goes. 

It was more crowded than I thought it'd be for the last hour or so of the first night. People were out with their dolly carts in full force. Trunks and back seats of cars were completely full in the parking lot with cases of wine. We are very much small potatoes when it comes to Salon des Vins, but one day, one day we will have our car packed to the gills with Jura whites, Beaujolais, Muscat, Chat de Pape, Eau de day.

What three vendors did we go see last night? I'm so glad you asked. Our first stop was to Chateau d'Excindre, where we came home with a nice Gres de Montpellier 2011, and two bottles of Muscat de Mireval. They also have a bottle of spirits called Garhiofilatum, which, although we didn't purchase any, was very interesting to try. Next stop was to the stand of Domaine Saint-Denis, a stand we frequent each year, where we bought one bottle of 2011 Bourgogne. Last but not least,  was to one of my favorite stands at the Salon des Vins, Regnie, for three bottles of their amazing 2003 Beaujolais that is oak aged for 10 years. 

And how could we not buy Beaujolais from a man who looks so good in shorts shorts? It was a necessary.

Oswin handled her first night at the Salon like a pro. She loved watching all the people, trying to lunge at our wine glasses, and being close to Papa in the sling. Fingers crossed that tonight goes smoothly, as we're hitting two of my favorites tonight: Hubert Clavelin and Chataeuneuf de Pape.

A la prochaine friends...



  1. How are you guys not overrun with visitors when this happens?! I'm coming next year! ;)