Monday, September 15, 2014

48 weeks: Funniest Person in the Room

Last week, little miss Oswin Jade turned 48 weeks old, and as per usual, there were some things about this week that really stuck out...

{"They're called illllusions Michael."}

...namely that she is really coming into her silliness.

All last week she would break into random bouts of giggles, and sometimes boundless laughing, for no apparent reason.

{Oswin says, "live each day like it's a 1920's beach party."}

She was cracking herself up left and right. I'm pretty sure she was the funniest person in the room, all the rooms actually, all of last week.

{Oswin doing her best Patrick McGoohan, a la "The Prisoner"}

Sometimes she would laugh at random things that we're not quite sure of specifically. Other times she would laugh at us doing something silly that we didn't think was as funny as it actually was to her. She was in her own little world of hilarity, this one.

Paper bags being crumpled? HOLD THE PHONE FUNNY.

It was really cute, and I hope this silliness sticks around forever and ever.

I'm eager to see what shenanigans week 49 brings on.

A la prochaine friends...


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