Monday, August 16, 2010

Allez allez allez!!!

Yesterday began a two week stint of Suisse triathalon and triathalon related activties for the Duggan's and Strom's with The Triathalon International de Genève, which was held at the Bains des Pâquis bright and early yesterday morning. Dan and Derek competed in the Sprint Triathalon (500 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run) category to prepare for next week's classic triathalon (1500 m swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run) in Lausanne. Despite it being nearly the middle of August, Kim and I, the avid supporters that we are, froze our tootsies off despite being dressed in hoodies, scarves and jackets, but a little rain and cold wasn't enough to force us into a cafe with hot, delicious cafe and macaroons....instead we shivered and yelled "Allez allez allez!!!" ("Go go GOOOO!!!") with the rest of the spectators to cheer on our boys.

Thanks to the 56 bus driver who turned the other way when we brought the bikes on board the bus...which is typically frowned upon. Maybe he took pity on us because of the early morning hour (notice it's still pitch black outside)...

[Early morning Genève...]

[My partner in crime...]

[Tired. Cold. No coffee.]

[The sun tried to come out...I personally think it was a half-hearted attempt...]

[Dan reppin' the 6-0-9...]

[Quick fire challenge: Spot the two Americans lining up to set up in the transition era...ready...allez!]

[Cue pre-race pretty picture intermission...]

[Baby ducky...]

[Dan is in that mess of swimmers somewhere...]

[Dan's swim group...]

[And the Dracula crowds rolled in...]

[ Dan got out of the water...]

[Derek on his bike...]

[Dan on his bike...]

[Mid-race pretty picture interlude...]

[Big ups to Kim for remembering rain clothes and an umbrella, because rain it did...]

[Racers running...]

[Weird guy in purple and pink girl outfit interlude....]

[Yes, I'm devoting two pictures to this man because it was just such a fabulously creepy outfit...]

[Dan and Derek at the finish line sharing a post-race orange juice...]

[Team Strom post-race...]

[Jet d'Eau...]

And to end this post with, in my opinion, a culmination of superb athletics, we bring in the big finish...


[He's up...]

[He's down....]

[He's upside down! What a perfect head stand from Monsieur Swan!]

Congrats again to Dan and Derek for superb performances at the Triathalon International de Genève yesterday. So proud of youse and can't wait to watch again this weekend in Lausanne!


  1. I love that I found your blog! I am moving to England next week with my husband- so I am digging all the expat blogs. What are you guys doing over there?

    I promise you I will not be attempting any triathalons while we are there. :) Good for your husband. Looks so hard!!

  2. Thanks for finding me! That is awesome that you are moving to England, are you all packed and ready to go? We moved over here in February because my husband is a particle physicist at CERN, and I love it here (if you can't tell)! If you want a laugh look at some of the posts from February, bc we moved over from Chicago in a blizzard, and we have about 10 bags with us, and I had on two winter coats on the plane that I was basically trying to hide from the airline people to smuggle them on's a big adjustment but it's so worth it! Where are you moving to in England and what's bringing you over the Atlantic?