Monday, August 30, 2010

A quick shopping trip to Ferney...

[The market, closing up shop for the day...]

After two straight weekends filled with Triathalon and triathalon related activities, we were so excited to take it easy a bit this weekend, though, that didn't really happen. After sleeping in and a short run for me on the mountain, we headed into Ferney for the last few minutes of the market in hopes of getting some olives, Mirabelles (one of my new favorite end of summer fruits), and some confiture...

[It's been awhile since we've been able to do our weekly mirror picture...]

[Mirabelles - big in France...]

Mirabelles are a fruit of the plum family, along with another fruit called Reine-Claud...Both are big here this time of year, and we were hoping to pick up some confiture with either of them in it, but alas, we were a little too late to the market that day...there's always next week.

[The Phanatic always gets the chicks...and then drinks their wine...]

We also (we = not me) started to work on getting Dan's bike back in action after "The Curse of the Bike Rack" incident last week, so while the boys worked on the sick bike Kim and I watched some "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - with the Phanatic.

[We're comin' for youse Braves...]

This of course brought my inner Philadelphian out - tuff glove and all...what can you expect with the Phils two games out of first place...

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