Monday, August 2, 2010

Are we there yet? Also known as Part Deux of an undisclosed amount of posts concerning our hike to Reculet...

As we were getting close to the Narderans it seemed to my unexperienced hiker self that we were close to the ridge, because the top didn't seem very far above us...and then we walked around the corner and realized this...

...the Narderans is, for my intents and purposes, a the middle of the 1330 meters in altitude...

...and see that big rock/cliff looking thing high HIGH HIGH above Dan? That's where we need to go. Well, actually further, because Reculet is still higher than that...but I digress...

...first, Le Narderans...

[Alpine cows...]

[The trail...]

[Cows...on the trail...with Dan and fence...just hanging out...chewing cudd...]

[Cows still on the trail...]

[So sorry to disturb your dejuener...]


[Looking down...]

[Looking up...]

[So that cliff behind Dan...made it!]

[This one's for you Caos - this is where they hide the bodies...]

Oh snap, what's that in the RECULET.


  1. I didn't know cows liked to hike, huh, learn something new everyday!

  2. Those trails are so tiny and skinny and windy -I can't believe they can get up as high as we got (but I guess I have to based on the amount of "cow pie" at the top.) I like to think I'm in much better shape than a cow, but now I just don't know!