Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fete de Geneve...

Saturday was the big fireworks day for Fete de Geneve. It was the most gorgeous day, and Mont Blanc was clearer and more showy than I've seen it in the almost six months we've been here (yep, it's almost Six Month France-a-versary time!). We headed down early in the afternoon with the intents of swimming in Lake Geneva, picnicking, and lounging on the lawns along Lac Leman until the show began at 10 PM.

[Count the Michael Jackson's...]

[I've counted 4 so far...]

[Maurice the Big Black Bear. Want.]

[Mont Blanc.]


[Madame Strom.]

[Micheal Jackson...dressed as Rambo...I now count 6 MJ's...there's a picture of him on the base of the statue...]




[Globe art exhibit along Lac Leman...]

[Sun bathers on Lac Leman...]

[More Mont Blanc...]

[Kim and I picnicked while the boys prepared for their upcoming full and sprint triathalons with an open water mile swim...]

[Les Strom's...]

[Our spot on the lawn for the fireworks...]

[Purple Mont Blanc...]

[We met up with our friends Mark and Kira...]

Pic via Kim Strom.

And once the clock hit 10 PM (or 22:00), the fireworks started. Now, I'm not much for fireworks, but these were amazing. For one hour we were entertained with the biggest fireworks display I've ever seen, complete with music and lights to decorate the smoke. My favorite were the intros to some of the firework segments where these little dainty fireworks were coupled with classical music and hopped around the sky like little ballerinas. I'm so glad we got there as early as we did because we scored a great spot. Thanks to everyone who came out and watched with us!


  1. I want Maurice the big black bear too! And what's up with all the Michael Jacksons??

  2. Man I don't know, but this part of France and Suisse are crazy about him! Are they not NJ crazy in the south?

  3. What a great blog! So fun to see another american couple enjoying Switzerland. You must not been far from Geneva in France...where is your town exactly? And what brings you to this side of the pond? BTW, the Michael Jackson observation is HILARIOUS. What's the deal? Love it :). HOpe you have a great day, Sarah.

  4. Hi Sarah! We're in a village called Thoiry, which is just outside the Swiss border, maybe 2 miles, depending on which wy you're car I think we're about 15 or 20 minutes away from Geneva, but being carless we are slaves to the TPG, so usually about an hour. I saw your post about the Juras - we literally live on the side of the Juras! Are you close to us as well? My husband is a particle physicist who works at CERN, so we moved over in February. Do the Swiss in your town love MJ as much as they do in Geneva? Maybe it's a Swiss thing? What's brought you over here as well? Enjoy the sun we're having!!!

    PS - Love your blog too!!!