Monday, August 2, 2010

Are we there yet? YES. Finale of le hiking...

We came over the cliff that we "scaled" (I scaled, Dan scrambled...), and just when I thought "Goddamn I need a break," we turned around and there it was. I gasped. And kind of screamed and giggled all at once in that exhausted sort of way of someone who has just scaled a cliff. I was so excited to see that big stinkin' cross. Hiking to Reculet has been a big goal of mine since we moved to France, despite having never hiked before, and I feel like it is a big rite of passage when living here in get there on my second time hiking finally made me feel like a Thoiry-sian...warm fuzzy feelings all around...

[Happy hiker.]

[The cool kids hang out at 1719 meters...]

[Cool kids...]

[I'm a cool kid...]

[Of course Mont Blanc comes out to play in the background and my eyes are closed!]

[The view on the other side of the mountain...]

{View on our side of the mountain of Lake Geneva...]

[I'll take pictures of Mont Blanc where I can get it...]

[Lunch time at the second highest point in the Jura Mountains...]

[Couscous has never tasted so good...]

[I like to climb on things...]

[Good-bye Reculet...]

[Beginning our descent...]

[Our new French friends waving good-bye...]

[In order to see more of the Jura, we took an alternate route home, which meant I didn't have to scale down the cliff, and would get to see Thoiry-Devant...which is just an old shack looking house...woo-hoo...]

[Dude is straight up crazy...]

[Alpine cows and an alpine house...]

[Sinkhole/cave/where they hide the dead bodies...]

[Reculet in the distance...]

[Just after Thoiry Devant...]


And as if you haven't overdosed on Reculet pictures yet, here's a video from the top...


  1. That's a crazy accomplishment! I'm sure if I hiked up there I'd end up falling straight into that sinkhole

  2. Oh no! That's where all the dead bodies are! Stay on the trail woman!

    PS - I want Mrs. Honey's hat from the Cousin's wedding...