Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are we there yet? Also known as Part 1 of an undisclosed denomination of postings concerning our hike to Le Reculet...

This past Saturday (July 31, 2010), Dan and I took a great step in our duty of being good french residents: we hiked to Le Reculet. It took us about 5.5 hours there and back from Tiocan to Reculet, with a 20 minute snack break in Le Narderans and a 50 minute lunch and picture break at Reculet. This will surely take me several postings to really share our hike with you, and even though the pictures don't do the mountains or overlooking views any justice, they're still beautiful. These pictures essentially start just before we hit La croisée, which took us aout 45 minutes to hike up to from Le Tiocan, and is about a third of the way to Le Reculet. All of this hike took place in the Jura Mountains in Thoiry, France...

[Lake Geneva off in the distance...]

[Trail leading up to Le croisée...]

[Looking out over Val Thoiry, Thoiry, St. Genis, Meyrin, and Geneva...]

[Look straight at the clouds, the whitest part at the top is actually Mont Blanc...]

[Past Le croisée, en route to Le Narderans...]

[These rocks? Yeah that's the trail...]

[Where's Honey?]

["Holy shit that's a lot of trees!"]

[And the trail continues upwards...]

[A brief moment of flatness on the trail...]

[Looking rather smug...]

Next stop, Narderans, 1330 meters...


  1. What a hike! Beautiful photos :-)

  2. Thank you! Just wait until you see the ones from the top...hopefully I'll have them up soon!