Thursday, September 5, 2013

34 weeks and my favorite donkey.

{34 weeks}
Today was a struggle to get out the door for our morning walk. I've felt pretty lazy all week, as it took me a few days to recover from the combination of being the sober friend at Salon des vins over the weekend, and a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning...
...add to that the 80 degree F temperatures we've climbed back up to this week, and I've been pretty pooped. But Doc convinced me that walking the 2+ miles for a pain aux chocolat would be worth it, and wouldn't you know it, he was right.
With today being the start of my 34th week of pregnancy (!!!), I'm really beginning to get a little antsy about this whole delivery and labor thing. It's crazy to think that if Homekid comes as early as I did, he/she would be here in 3 weeks instead of six...or if they come as late as Doc, I'll be pregnant for another eight. At the moment I'm more nervous about the idea of this kid showing up in the next three weeks, as I've realized that even though we've been making progress on the nursery and procuring necessary items, we need to step up our efforts a bit.
And let's not even talk about the whole needing to pack a hospital bag thing. I've decided that is going to happen this weekend, even if I'm not mentally there yet.
Even better than coming home with pain aux chocolat? Seeing this guy, my favorite donkey in St. Jean de Gonville. He's just the cutest, isn't he? THOSE EARS! Is there any animal with better ears than a donkey? No, there is not.
He used to have a friend, another donkey, but his friend was nowhere to be seen. So it was just him and the cows. Poor little floppy eared guy (or girl?). The cows just don't understand his plight...
{He/she got camera shy}
But not to be too outdone, coming home with treats from the boulangerie was a nice start to our Thursday...
...and yes, those are little chocolate looking mice for sale. Because I want to be able to play a prank on someone and then eat the prank. That can really be their only purpose, am I right?
Back to my little floppy eared friend - he's always with this herd of cows, but it doesn't seem like they ever let him play in their cow games. Poor guy (or girl) is always cast off to the side, a lonely outsider in the French mountains...
...and with that last diatribe, this is the look I got - Doc's "enough with the donkey" face. Excuse me for caring!
A la prochaine friends...

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