Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Evening walk.

It's been a couple of weeks since Doc and I have been able to go for an evening walk, thanks to my increased fatigue levels and his busy work schedule. By the time he gets home from work it's either getting dark, or I'm half asleep watching "Family Guy."
I've been mentioning how much I've missed our evening walks lately, and Doc was determined to get me out for one last night. And he knew just how to do it.
"Wanna go see if the figs down the street are ripe yet?"
Done and done.
{36 weeks and 5 days}

We're fortunate that there are two public fig trees in our village, and they're not far from our house.
And luckily I had my number #1 fig picker with me.
We've had some weird weather this summer, so the figs (and other local fruits for that matter), are coming in a few weeks late, but it doesn't make me any less happy.
{Where's Waldo Doc?}
{The fig and the bump}
 {Half of our evening's harvest}
I may not be doing the same 5 miles walks I was a few weeks ago, but evening fall walks to pick up some dessert are just as fruitful (ha!) in my book.
A la prochaine friends...


  1. I love that your bump keeps photobombing all the pics :)

  2. very nice place, i look a lot of figs everywhere
    may i can get some cuttings from here?