Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's in my hospital bag: SwitzerFrance Style

Well, between the sparrow incident a few days ago and the fact that I'm 37 weeks along tomorrow (bonjour full term), I figured that getting my hospital bag packed would probably be a good idea. Since this is our first baby, I'm not sure how I did, but I figured I'd share it with all of you and see if anyone has any other suggestions or thoughts. Something to keep in mind: I'll be delivering Homekid in Switzerland, where a typical hospital stay is 5 days (for a normal delivery without complications). Being that we have US health insurance, we're still not sure how many days I'm going to get - I'm hoping the full five, but I imagine at least three. Fingers crossed. So keep that in mind as I have to pack for a longer-than-typical-American-hospital-stay. All I've had to go on so far is the above list which the hospital gave me, but besides that I'm flying a bit blind. I'm interested to review this post after Homekid gets here to see what I would do differently next time.  
1// Petit Bateau pyjamas 2// Petit Bateau newborn hat (similar here) 3// Bobo Choses knit pom pom hat (last year, but new beanie styles here) 4// Petit Bateau Striped Cardigan Sweater (similar here) 5// H & M long sleeve organic bodysuit 6// Candy Kirby Designs Leggings 7//Petit Bateau socks  (similar here) 8// UGG "Boo" Infant Booties 9// Bobo Choses long sleeve onesie (last year, similar here)
1 & 2// Aden & Anais Star Swaddles 3// Sakura Bloom Single Layer Linen Sling in Maple (I'm hoping the midwife can offer up some baby wearing tips while we're at the hospital, as they actually offer a class on it there for new moms.) 
1// ASOS Maternity Skater Dress In Floral Print (to go home in) 2// Three nursing shirts - the chambray is vintage from my mom, and the tanks are MAMA 2-pack Tank Tops from H & M Maternity (Not shown: 2 nursing bras from H & M, as required by the hospital, leggings, and boots)
1// Bassetti Kimono Robe (similar here) 2// Vintage Rose Pyjamas from HUSH 3// HUSH pyjama pants (similar here) 4// Bio Granola Bars 5// Bio Fig and Apricot Bars 6// Coconut Water 7// Swiss Chocolate 8// Slippers (6 euro at Migros and required by the hospital)
Not shown: Toiletry bag
Papa doesn't need much, as he'll be able to leave and come back as necessary. 1// Cuban cigar to celebrate with 2// A good book for when Mama and Homekid are resting
So that's it, that's my bag. Have I forgotten anything? Any of my expat mamas want to weigh in on what they had in their hospital bag that was helpful?
A la prochaine friends...

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