Monday, September 16, 2013

A New Twist: Fig Tree Propagation Update Neuf

Well here we are, in our next to last update on my propagating figs in water experiment. Next week I'll do a final update including all five cuttings, even the ones that have been potted in soil.
On Cutting #1, I still feel like these root nubs look alive, though a glance at the picture below tells a different story.
I will say though that the wood on the top of the cutting looks very different than the wood at the bottom where the root nubs are. The wood at the top is hard and dried out, and the wood at the root nubs is still flexible. Though my gut tells me it may too be too late for this little guy.
My rockstar of a cutting (#2) still looks really good, despite the fact that growth has dramatically slowed. His leaves still look healthy and green, with no curling or yellowing. I plan on potting this cutting before the Week 10 final update of this experiment.
I'm also going to continue to hypothesize that slowed growth in the leaves and roots means that it is indeed time to be potted in soil. I think that potting it this week will be perfect timing for this particular cutting.
Cutting #5 in our bedroom window still looks identical (to me at least) from last week...
...both in terms of root nub growth and the leaves. I just compared the above picture to last week's, and they look pretty much identical (I swear I took 2 separate pictures). I'm intrigued by what will happen to this cutting, as I feel like it's been weeks upon weeks since there were any significant changes, so I will continue to monitor it after the experiment has concluded next week. I won't continue to do a weekly update, but once this cutting decides whether it's going to fully root or die off, I'll be sure to let you all know.
Where are Cuttings #3 and #4 you ask? Here's the link to the post where I announced that they had been potted in soil, as they were definitely ready to move out of their jars of water. They both continue to look great in their pots, and I'm excited to share their progress with you all next week.
Check back here on Monday for my Week 10 (and final official) update!
Confused with what's going on here? Want to review past week updates? Here's some links for you then!
A la prochaine friends...

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