Monday, September 16, 2013

35 weeks in Geneva.

We had our 35 week appointment in Geneva on Friday, and despite the, er, invasiveness of the appointment, we had a great afternoon following.
We grabbed lunch at one of our spots, Bagatelle, near Gare Cornavin. The food is good, the prices aren't bad, and they don't stop serving in between lunch and dinner, which is huge for us.
And for the first time in what feels like forever, it was perfect weather to sit outside and people watch while we ate.
Bagatelle holds a special place in our hearts because not only is this where we ate after our first "real" ultrasound picture following our 12 week appointment, (because honestly you can't see a thing in the 8 week ultrasound), but the above gnocchi parmigiana is the first meal I had eaten in 8 weeks that didn't make me feel ill. Oh the first trimester memories!
  {35 weeks and a day}
Following lunch we took our customary bump shots with one of my favorite sights in Geneva, Jet d'Eau...
...and made our way across the lake.
We checked out the book market in Place de la Fusterie...
...and then went over to the fancy shmancy cigar shop, Davidoff to get Doc a treat or two...  
...because no hospital bag is complete without a little treat for papa.
Davidoff happens to be right next to Franz Carl Weber, the Swiss-like counterpart to FAO Schwartz, where we picked up Homekid's second doudou...
...a St. Bernard puppy. If I can't have a real St. Bernard yet, Homekid is gonna have a plush one.
Also on our Homekid wishlist? A wooden breakfast food play set, complete with saucisson, pretzel, hot dog, bread, 2 eggs, and chocolate. How Swiss!
And lastly, what doctor's appointment would be complete without a little treat for mama. Ladurée makes the discomforts and bi-monthly appointments A-OK in my book.
{Anatomy of a macaron}
{Chocolate, chocolate, salted caramel, rose petal, citron, pink pepper, yuzu ginger, and strawberry marshmallow}
Oh, and I found a new sweet stationary and bookbinding store near Ladurée, and picked up a few goodies there as well. We may not get to have days in Geneva like this all the time, but when it does happen it's a blast. A little something for everyone to start our weekend off right.
A la prochaine friends...


  1. Love your fig tree and your trip to Geneva! It looked like so much fun, those kind of days are treasured forever. Congrats on the baby, you look adorable.

    Saying hello through Friends Around The World!

    Your friend,
    Wendy - Pennsylvania USA


    1. Welcome to the blog Wendy May! Always happy to get to know a fellow Pennsy girl!