Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gold fever.

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. And at just shy of 36 weeks into my pregnancy, it kind of feels like winning the lottery. I woke up to that wonderful snuggly feeling of just the right amount of chill to be completely comfy under the comforters, and early enough to still have coffee and spend a little time with Doc before he headed into CERN. And I merde you not, I opened up the windows and the air smelled like cinnamon. I had to keep checking to make sure I wasn't imagining things, but yes, it was most definitely cinnamon.
Add to this the fact that this is the first morning where I've felt the need to put on a hoodie before going downstairs, and I am just in a gloriously happy mood. You know, that kind of annoying happy to be around.
Other reasons to be happy today? Modified nesting. I say modified because I have yet to wake up at 3 AM with the urge to organize and/or clean; However we're now at the stage where the semi-boring things have all been purchased/procured, and we're onto the fun stuff: Decorating!
Our nursery colors are a Provence green (that very typical color of French shutters, both in our region and especially in the South of France), white and gold. Gold! Oh I love it. So far the only gold thing about the nursery is the gold on the drawer pulls of our repurposed dresser/changing table, but that is about to change. We're already in discussions about how to up the gold factor, and I'm super excited for the DIYs we've got in mind. (Spoiler alert: I see some gold spray paint in our future.) Details to follow as we get down to brass tacks, but I can already tell you to keep an eye out for a DIY post on making you're own flower press, as Doc recently made one for me because of some nursery ideas I was floating around. There's no theme to the nursery persay, but I can say it's definitely influenced by the alpen region of France that we live in.   
And then there's the walls. I'm a big fan of all white nurseries with pops of color, and ours will be no different. We've never actually hung anything on the walls in this room, which I find surprising since we've lived here for 3.5 years, but now is the time. The question is, what do we hang? Shelves? Carefully curated prints? Pictures? Garlands? Maps? (You all know I love my maps.) Something entirely different? I've never tried to decorate a room in such a short amount of time, as I typically like to acquire one beloved piece at a time to let the room come about organically, so this is definitely throwing me out of my comfort zone a bit...and I love it. I'm not sure that the room will be done by the time Homekid decides to show up (especially since everyone, including myself, seems to think this kid is going to make an appearance sooner rather than later), but Doc and I are ok with that. We've got the big ticket items, (bassinet, swaddles, stroller, car seat, dresser, changing pad on its way...), and so long as we have that, the decorating can be finished once the room has been broken in a bit, if need be. Regardless, I can't wait to share the finished product with all of you!  
And with that, I'm off to scour the interwebs for some sweet wall worthy finds and DIYs, wish me luck! 
A la prochaine friends...

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  1. Hang maps! I love maps! (because obviously my opinion is oh so important)