Monday, September 9, 2013

A New Twist: Fig Tree Propagation Update Huit

Slow week over here in terms of the experiment, as I think we're winding down with changes that we can expect to happen. I think I'll keep updating until Week 10 just to be sure.
Cutting #1 in the left living room window continues to confuse me. The root nubs look bigger to me...
...but the tip of the cutting tells a different story. The leaves are dead and dried, and the cutting itself is hard, rather than flexible (as you see in a healthy cutting).
Cutting #2 continues to be my little rock star. I plan on potting this cutting sometime soon. As you can see, lots of growth going on at the roots...
...and the leaves have gotten bigger since last week.
It's also interesting to remember that Cutting #1 and Cutting #2, despite their difference after 8 weeks, came from the same original cutting (it was a little long so I cut it in half when beginning this experiment), have spent the same amount of time in the same window, and have lived together in the same 1 liter Le Parfait jar. Some cuttings make it, and some just don't I guess...
As for Cutting #5, I honestly don't see any difference in the root nubs...
...or in the leaves. It seems to have halted all growth for the time being, but doesn't look as if it's dying either. I'm intrigued.
Where are Cuttings #3 and #4 you ask? Here's the link to the last post where I announced that they had been potted in soil, as they were definitely ready to move out of their jars of water. They are both looking great in their pots, and I'll give an update photo on each in my final wrap-up post of this experiment in Week 10.
Check back here on Monday for my Week 9 update!
Confused with what's going on here? Want to review past week updates? Here's some links for you then!
A la prochaine friends...

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