Saturday, September 21, 2013

Conversations with Big Mitch: Parenting Advice

{I was not a fan of dresses in 1987.}
Big Mitch is my dad. He got the name from my guy friends in high school, and when you get to know him it's really a pretty fitting name. Philly guy, former semi-pro football player, high school football coach and gym teacher, and lover of cheesesteaks.
I've always loved conversations with my dad, but sometimes there are just some gems that should be shared, like our talk yesterday where he gave me some parenting advice. You see, our changing pad and changing station had just arrived, and I was excited to have Doc carry it upstairs to put on the dresser/changing table. Big Mitch's warning advice to me?
"Man. Nah, listen, just put the baby on a towel on the floor to change'em...because all I know is with you, I turned away for one second and BOOM! You were gone. Rolled right off."
Le sigh. I'm that baby. The wiggly one who rolled off the changing table and fell 4 feet to the ground. But I lived to tell the tale. 
Sorry Pops, but the changing pad and station are from Oeuf and we WILL be using them...famous last words perhaps?
A la prochaine friends...


  1. hhaha. so funny. love that you can still communicate with home about these little funny things :) and yes, you should use the fancy changing station! :)

    1. I'm interested to see what the conversations with Big Mitch will be like once he's out here, with his first grandchild...and how many towels he goes through from refusing to change the baby on our fancy shmancy changing station.

  2. hahah! that's funny... my mom gives me hilarious advice like that all the time.

    just found your blog from the friends around the world link up. beautiful blog! looking forward to following you and hearing about your new baby's arrival. (i love babies! haha)


    1. Thanks Josie and welcome! Homekid's arrival is just around the corner - eeek!